Amber Adda

Amber Adda took to her mother’s sewing machine in high school & a fashion love affair began. Self-taught, Adda whipped up her senior prom dress in less than a week. 

Beginning in fashion Kent State, Adda transferred instead to Penn State to pursue business management & marketing.

Yet Adda still wanted to design; returning to school (& fashion) 14 years later. It was at the Art Institute, for her 2nd bachelors in fashion, Adda fully  realized a knack for designing.

Stuart Frick

Designing clothes for 2+ years, Stuart Frick, is entirely self-taught. Exhibiting an eclectic design aesthetic. ranging from femme to masculine, bright and loud to muted &  earthy, sometimes gilded & deliberately over-stylized. Frugal Faux-Fancy plays to the vintage nature of the clothing,

At Duquesne University’s Gender Neutral Fashion Show, Frick walked, designed, & presented in an educational panel discussion. In addition, Frick has participated in "What are Those?" at Social Status, a sneaker art showcase & The Mr. Roboto Project "50 Under 50" fashion event.

Leon Green

Leon Green has been designing for a little over a year. With inspiration drawn from everyday life, his Richuals Clothing streetwear line, acts as  a muse—reminding us nothing is accomplished without action.

Carrie Ann Lehrman

Carrie Ann Lehrman’s opened Dress Haute, a bridal & special occasion boutique, Oakdale, PA, in 2014. Since, Lehrman opened 2 more locations: Washington Crown Center Mall & South Hills Village Mall.

Lehrman recently won the biggest beauty & fashion achievement award from Style and Glam magazine and was a Fashion Designer of the Year nominee at Art and Beauty Magazine in NYC.

Jamie Miller

Long inspired by fabric’s flow, Jamie Miller studied design at The Conservatory at Point Park University. Switching tracks to costumes & working the gamut of Pgh theater companies. Miller’s creative focus is one-of-a-kind performance ensembles for competitive ballroom dancers, cirque arts, etc. 

Christianna Murray

Christianna Murray holds a Bachelors in fashion design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh; additionally, has studied at the University of Arts London Fashion School. Murray finds inspiration from her surroundings with an elemental focus on color and silhouettes.

Murray recently debuted her Unpoetic Beauty collection, at Carnegie Mellon University’s Lunar Gala. 

Jules Przybylska & Tim Nelson-Pyne

Jules, a Carnegie Mellon University student majoring in architecture with a textiles minor, has been designing clothes for 3 years. Przybylska’s designs address gender issues, playing with stereotypes in a satirical way.

In 2017 Przybylska’s clothing line, Intrepid, was shown at the Lunar Gala Fashion Show, arguably one of the largest fashion events in Pgh. Intrepid was a rebellion against high fashion's objectification of women.

Tim is also and architecture student at Carnegie Mellon University, and has been designing clothes for a year. He is particularly interested in jewelry design and aims to make fashion that expresses what we're to scared to put into words. 

Richard Ramirez & Sean Matzus

Ramirez has created fashion for 20+ years; participating in fashion shows in Houston, Pgh, & NYC. The newest line—garments as art—is called Solipsism.  A fashion veteran, Ramirez co-designs 2 lines—Mad Recital and Automatism—with husband Sean Matzus. Automatism is a menswear/gender neutral line. 

Teresa Reynolds

Teresa Reynolds has been a mobile makeup & hair artist for 30 years. At 55, earned a 2nd degree, in Fashion Textile Design. Now 60 & going deaf, Reynolds’s aim is to demonstrate age and/or physical challenges are no barriers in dream chasing.

Reynolds’ fashion startup, FitandFine.Today – a zero-waste company proudly demanding body positivity – portrays inner wear as outerwear. FitandFine.Today uses heartbreak endured to warm clientele’s hearts. 

In the fashion world since 2014 & designing since 2016; Evita Scoccia is studying business fashion at Point Park University—soon to transfer to Parsons in NYC. Discovering resort wear as a design niche, Scoccia hosted Tampa Bay Swim Week 2018; designing her own outfit to wear at the show. 

A multi-hyphenate, Scoccia is a published professional model, aspiring actor, & Michael Kors shop stylist.

Elaine Tierney

Elaine Tierney’s credits her mother to her designer career~learning to sew & design at 4. Following Mom’s adage “It doesn’t pay to buy junk” Tierney created Mossy Lane Products designing for those enjoying an active life.

At 60, Tierney has expanded to create unique pieces that look and feel great. She feels clothes can make us feel beautiful, strong, & confident and aims is to provide that for other women.